Wednesday, March 28, 2018

$4,100+ Over & Over!


This home-based business opportunity has all
the features needed to get EVERYONE PAID FAST!

Automatic Upgrades

Small 2x4 4-Level Non-Splitting, Follow-Me
Matrices - only 6 needed to get Paid and advance
automatically to the next Level!

Paid on ALL 4 Levels! With our Perpetual
Cash Club Strategy receive $4,100 when 1 position
completes all 4 Levels PLUS receive $69,700 from
the 17 New Positions from our Strategy!

No Waiting for the Level to Fill to get Paid!

Products:  How to Market online eCourses with
Master Resell Rights and Training provided by
Top Marketers with Tips of the Trade!

Payment Processors Accepted:  Bitcoin,
Payza, Bluebird Card, Solid Trust Pay
& Google Wallet

One-time $100 ($5 Processing Fee)

This opportunity has taken some of the BEST
features from other programs and combined
all of them in this unique business model that
solves most of the problems Networkers have
and makes it easy to earn money onlinel

NO Monthly Fees!

NO Waiting Or Hoping the Members
Will Upgrade to the Next Level Because
We Have Automatic Upgrades!

Earn BIG BUCKS, not pennies or $1/$2
Per Member that would take thousands of
members to earn what we earn with just
4 Short Levels FAST!

Automatic Re-entry to Level 1 on
Level 4 to Earn Again & Again!

Our Wealth Team has taken it a
step further and made a Fantastic
Opportunity an Awesome & Exciting
Perpetual Cash Club with our Special
Purchase Strategy...that causes
not only Spillover, but more positions
giving our Perpetual Cash Club Members
who follow our Purchase Strategy,
continuous and simultaneous earnings
from several Levels!

ALL of our Perpetual Cash Club Members
agree to purchase New Positions at EACH
Level for every 2x4 Matrix we enter,
until we have 16 NEW positions working for us,
to earn us not only $4,100 for 1 Position,
but also $65,600 for the 16 positions we
purchase from earnings! Plus we receive
an Automatic Re-entry to Level 1 when
we complete Level 4 for a total of 17
Positions earning us $69,700!!!

Just think 16, 32, 64, 128 and more
positions constantly and simultaneously
earning us money!

Do the math and get excited!!


16 Positions X $4,100 FOR A
TOTAL OF $65,600 FROM 16

Our Perpetual Cash Club Members
will experience LOTS of Spillover
as our 16 new positions will fall
under the last member, so that
EVERY Club Member will continually
complete every 2x4 Follow-Me,
non-splitting Matrix they enter as
we Follow Each Other Perpetually!!

We are looking for serious entrepreneurs
who will commit and dedicate themselves
to following our Perpetual Cash Club's
Strategy to receive not only $4,100
but also $69,700 Over & Over Again!!

Our members are loving our Perpetual
Cash Club's Strategy because they see
first-hand how it enables us ALL to go
through the Levels FAST!!!

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In addition to sending
our Perpetual Cash Club
Members this very popular
eBook, Secrets of the
Millionaire Mind, by T.Harv
Eker PLUS his Recorded Live
Webinar, when you join our
Club, you will also receive a
 Getting Started Guide, that includes Marketing
Tools & Resources, Personalized One-on-One Training,
if requested, and much much more!

Go here for more information

We Help You Succeed!

David Pegram
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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cash Back - Residual Income - Marketing System!

This opportunity has EVERYTHING
a Network Marketer needs!



Our Cash Back Strategy is Simple...
pay for 4 members at a cost of
$48.  Since you will get paid on
your 1st and 3rd member, it will
only cost you $24!!!  We will give
Cash Back after the member has
paid their 2nd month's subscription.

If our Business Partners do the
same, their earnings will steadily


*Build Your List! You don't need an
autoresponders as your Leads will be
sent follow-up messages with YOUR
information with built-in autoresponder!
Or you can also enter ANY autoresponder
in the system!  You can also mail
Leads from your Backoffice.

*This is my favorite benefit!  A downline
Builder where you can join your Sponsor's
programs or replace 15 of them with YOUR

OWN Opportunities!  You can also add your
Primary Business to the System!

*Unlimited Monthly Income with steadily
increasing earnings on auto-pilot at an
affordable cost of just $12 (Debit/Credit
  Take the 7-Day
Trial and earn even before you pay!

*Step-by-Step Marketing Training
which is especially important for the newbies
and also great for experienced Marketers
who will know all of their Business Partners will
be successful by using this system!  Learn how
and where to Advertise.   Our Wealth Team
will also give you a Getting Started Guide with
additional Marketing Tools & Resources to
ensure your success!

Join Our Wealth Team Today as we will
give you a f.r.e.e. Team Website and
put YOUR Link in our non-stop Rotators
to help you get referrals, a Getting
Started Guide, and much much more!

Join today for the affordable cost of
just $12...7-day FREE Trial where you
can earn before you pay!

Begin your journey today towards
financial freedom!

We look forward to welcoming you to

the Team!

We Help You Succeed!



$4,100+ Over & Over!

$4,100+ PERPETUAL CASH ...